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Press Release Stillness

April 2016
For Immediate release
Exhibition: Stillness
Duration: 17 April 2016 – semi-permanent exhibition
Where: Museu Raset – Museum of Modern Art, Cervià de Ter
Times: Every Sunday from 11.00 to 19.00. Any other day visitors are welcome on appointment.

We are delighted to present our new captivating art exhibition Stillness. In Stillness the viewer is taken on an artistic journey through abstract mystical worlds; the world of imagination. We witness how artists visualise the intangible using colour, symbolism and signs. The artists explore the primordial struggle between light and darkness, creating a stunning and intimate visual spectacle to enjoy from the 10th of April.

This inspiring exhibition showcases paintings by artists from Spain, Holland and the Czech Republic. All from the Bueler-Bernard art collection.

In the increasing bustle of society, Stillness invites us to take a moment and contemplate the varied landscape depicted by seven artists who work in their unique styles. The exhibition celebrates the art of painting and the fascinating world created by the paintbrush. It is a quiet expression, contrary to a world where the loudest voices and news headlines are predominantly followed. Here we are given pictorial insight of metaphysical philosophies that are visualised in a way that is both comprehensible and beautiful.  An experience most rewarding and not to me missed.

 List of artists
Eduardo Gruber
José Ibañez
Tomas Rajlich
Lorenzo Valverde
Enrique Vega
Gerard Verdijk
Paul de Vilder

The museum
Museu Raset is an international museum of modern art. It resides at a stunning manor house that in part dates back to the 13th century. It lies on the well-known Santiago route and was a place of refuge for the famous Spanish poet Antonio Machado, whilst underway to his exile in France.  A wing of the building has been restored to accommodate four attractive exhibition spaces.  The museum displays work of the vibrant Bueler-Bernard art collection.

The Swiss-Dutch family Bueler settled in Spain in 2005 after having collected art for 30 years in Holland. Being charmed by the mansion in the hamlet of Raset, Cervià de Ter, they saw it as the perfect opportunity to set up the museum they had always dreamed of to share their beautiful collection with the public.

For further information or images, please visit our website or contact Sandrine Bueler.



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