We are very keen to engage young people in our activities. Our didactic programme is structured in such a way that it encourages observation, independent thinking and artistic skills.

Upon request, we are happy to conduct our activities in English to promote cross curricular learning of art and English.

Interactive visit

We offer exciting interactive guided visits to the exhibition. Pupils receive their own activity booklet to explore the gallery in a fun, educational and practical manner.

Duration: 45 mins.
Fee: 3.5 € per pupil



In conjunction with the interactive gallery visit schools can take part in a workshop in our own artist studio which resonates the artistic concepts learnt in the gallery.

Duration: 45 mins.
Fee: 3 € per pupil


Learn about one of Spain’s most celebrated poets of the 20th century, whose writing still resonates today. Our interactive workshop explores Antonio Machado’s poetry and journey into exile in Collioure, France.

Duration: 1 hour
Fee: 3.5 € per pupil

Access all areas

Offering an exciting opportunity to obtain a ‘sneaky peak’ behind the scenes of Museu Raset.  Students receive a tour of the current exhibition and are given special access to parts of the building that are normally closed to the public. The activity familiarises students with the day to day running of the museum. A short art handling session is also included.

This activity is open to secondary schools and university groups of 20 students maximum.  

Fee: 6,5 € per pupil
Duration: 2 hours



General information about school visits

The museum grounds will remain open for a post-visit break.  Snacks can be brought along by the participating school.

Both activities are suitable for ages 4 to 18. Minimum of 15 and maximum of 25 children per group. We require at least 1 adult to accompany every 15 students. If the school opts for an artistic workshop, in addition to the interactive visit, we can accommodate 2 groups simultaneously.

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The portable museum – We bring the museum to your school!

We offer schools a rare and inspiring experience to get close to museum artworks. Our curator, Sandrine Bueler, takes a treasure box to your school that contains authentic objects from the museum collection.

Sandrine guides the students whilst they examine and handle the artifacts. They will perform several tasks, like budding curators! This activity is suitable for all age groups.

Fee:  € 50
Duration: 1 hour